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Meet Roise!

” Hello, I’m Rosie and I’m very loving – but don’t try to steal a hug, they’re on my terms only.  My owner says I have many quirky ways, I’m very strong-willed, once I’ve made up my mind I won’t be deterred.  And don’t think I don’t know what you humans are talking about – I’m always listening, ready to express my dissatisfaction through huffy noises at the most appropriate times.  I’m the centre of attention in my household, the humans are obsessed with me!”

Heather Murray

Meet Minnie!

” Hello, I’m Minnie, a super cute 4-year-old Chihuahua. I’m very sociable and eager to please, it’s hard not to like me.  As far as I’m concerned food is life, I will do anything for food!  Let’s be friends … you bring the treats.”

Alex McIntyre

Meet Betty!

“Hello, I’m Betty my owner thinks I’m a greedy, grumpy, demanding tabby, all great qualities if you ask me.  But I’m especially good at bossing my family and the other pets about. I watch them from this tree to keep an eye on them, it’s a full-time job.”

Lesley Megarity

Meet Wilma!

“Hello, I’m Wilma, my owner says I’m beautiful and an excellent hunter.  I can be quite shy but that’s probably because my sister Betty is never done bossing me about, I wish she would just stay in that tree.” 

Lesley Megarity

Meet Rio!

“Hello, I’m Rio I’m a 13-year-old rescue dog. My owner says I can be a bit cheeky, but I’m great with kids, they love me.  My best friend lives next door, he’s a Shar Pei.  When we get a new toy he takes his and mine upstairs because he knows I can’t get upstairs with my bad back…and they say I’m cheeky.  My best quality is protecting my owner, especially from unworthy male suitors, I’m always on guard to give a warning nip when necessary.” 

Meet Bonnie!

“Hello, I’m Bonnie, I was rescued from Monaghan Pound 7 years ago by my owner.  I’m a springer/beagle cross and everyone thinks I’m a darling. Excuse me whilst I get back to relaxing!” 

Nikki Lambert

Meet Pixie!

“Hello, I’m Pixie the cat. I am a proud purring machine. So much so that I feel the need to chew through cables in my home as you can’t hear my purring over all these appliances.  However, my owner has changed the cables to metal ones so I can no longer chew through them … how rude!” 

Meet Kubo!

“Hello, I’m Kubo the black cat. As long as I’m not having to listen to my sister Pixie purring I love a good nap.   I maintain high standards at meal times and am obsessed with good food.”

Meet Coconut, Caramel and Sootie!

“Hello, we are lop-eared bunnies, Coconut (Coco), Caramel (Cara) and Sootie.  We are 4 years old and love hopping about our owners house.  We love snuggles and dandelions … but not too many.”

Claire Holmes

Meet Evie!

“Hello, I’m Evie, aka Evie McStevie or Stevie Side-eye! I’m very loving and energetic but my owner thinks I have an attitude problem.  I’m good at giving humans the side-eye, but my true passion is howling along to the harmonica. My album is out next year.”  

Meet Marlon!

“Hello, I’m Marlon and I am 3 years old.  I am an excellent hunter and very stylish, as you can see, but I do love my cuddles.”

Kathryn Henry 

Meet Flynn!

“Hello, my name is Flynn aka Flynny Boy.  I am almost 4 years old but very strong, I like to make my owner aware of this when we go for walks.  I get excited meeting new people, I’m loving, smart, handsome and make a great best friend.”

Tracey Mackey

Meet Cocoa!

“Hello, my name is Cocoa.  My owner doesn’t think they look like me, which is correct … I’m much cuter!” 

Meet Gem!

“Hello, I’m Gem aka Green-Eyed Monster.  I’m 14 years old and love nothing more than to chill out.”

Meet Murphy!

“Hello, my name is Murphy.  I am 4 1/2 years old and I rule the roost in my house.  I also enjoy a spot of sailing on a sunny day.”

Meet Elsa!

Hello, my name is Elsa, I’m 8 years old, but I think i’m still a puppy. I’m super energetic, and playful and love cuddles.   No need to ring my doorbell, I’ll know you’re there and will lick you to death with excitement.  You can also call me Elsamoo or Wee Jackie…because why not!” 

Emma McGimpsey-Young

Meet Woody!

“Hello, my official Kennel Club registered name is Sam’s Little Prince, but you can call me Woody.  My favourite pastime is snuggling on the sofa and I do enjoy the occasion playtime.  When my owner gets home from a hard day’s work I’m always there to greet her with one of my balls.  I do love to go for a walk, but bring me too far and you’ll be carrying me home.” 

Emma McGimpsey-Young

Meet Pippa!

“Hello, my name is Pippa and I am 7 years old.  I love the heat, hate the rain, waiting for my owner to move to Spain!  You have permission to stroke and cuddle me, but don’t expect any attention back. I also love walks and treats but my favourite thing in the world is my tiny yellow duck.” 

Kelly Scott-Moore

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