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Client Satisfaction Survey 20221

Optimum Care

Our annual Optimum Care Customer Satisfaction Survey was distributed in June 2021.

In addition to Quality Assurance, we carry out a yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey. We received our best survey results in 2020 and are happy to say we’ve maintained and in some areas improved our excellent service.

Still battling the effects of COVID-19, it has been another challenging year. We are proud to say our staff have continued to rise to the challenge to ensure we are providing our clients with exceptional service. Not only our Community Carers, but also our coordinating and management team, and in supporting roles HR and Finance have all done a fantastic job.

In total, our team sent 1,362 surveys to our clients with a prepaid envelope to return directly to us. We received a total of 601 sent back to us, 44%.

Survey Results

From the survey, we identified some key performance indicators. An impressive 95% of our service meets or exceeds the guidelines laid down by RQIA for care continuity across all areas. 97.8% of clients who responded believe that the staff respected their dignity and 99% of those who responded believe the staff are friendly and helpful.

Client Comments

We were also delighted to see so many additional positive comments about our carers made by our clients.

“I have so many lovely Carers, could not pick one out. They have done an amazing job in such difficult times”

“I find my Carer provides me with excellent care and maintains dignity, she is also very empathetic, she understands and appreciates my ‘highs & lows’, she often knows what I need before I mention it. I always feel safe in her hands”

“My young Carer is an example of a good Carer. She is superb in every task undertaken. An asset to any care company and deserves recognition”

Download Survey Results

Click here to download the report – Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021


We are delighted with the results of the survey this year. On behalf of the Directors of Optimum Care, thank you all.

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