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Rathmena House Residents Participate in 'Our Stories, Scene and Heard' Project

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Rathmena House Residents

Residents of Rathmena House have recently taken part in a unique and enriching initiative by the C21 Theatre Company.

The ‘Our Stories, Scene and Heard’ Project, an 8-week creative reminiscence engagement programme, saw six residents actively participating in a series of creative tasks designed to evoke and preserve their cherished memories.

Throughout the programme, residents were involved in a variety of activities aimed at encouraging the sharing of personal stories and fostering creativity. Each participant worked on creating their own memory book, filled with reflections and mementos from their past. These activities not only provided an avenue for self-expression but also facilitated meaningful conversations among the residents.

A highlight of the programme was the opportunity for residents to share their stories on film. This component allowed them to preserve their memories in a dynamic format, offering a lasting record of their experiences. The filming process was both engaging and emotive, providing residents with a new medium to share their moving life stories and reflect on their past.

The project concluded with a session of live music, bringing everyone together to celebrate the culmination of their efforts. Residents gathered to view the final production, which showcased their stories and creative works. The screening was met with enthusiasm and pride, as participants saw their memories and creative expressions come to life on screen.

Thank you to the C21 Theatre Company for involving our residents within this project which was made possible through the support of the National Lottery Community Fund Northern Ireland, along with sponsorship from Doyle Shipping Group and Hire Co NI. Their contributions were crucial in facilitating this valuable experience for Rathmena House residents.

The ‘Our Stories, Scene and Heard’ Project has had a significant impact on the participants, providing them with a platform to express themselves and connect with their peers. Rathmena House looks forward to future opportunities that continue to celebrate and preserve the rich stories and experiences of our residents.

Well done to all Rathmena House participating residents:

  • June Ellison
  • Diane Adams
  • Henrietta Boyd
  • Dolly Anderson
  • Eilish Skillen
  • Anita Douey

Thank you to Shauna Grant, Activities Coordinator at Rathmena House for being the Wellbeing Lead of the project.

The full video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking the link below:

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