Northern Ireland's Leading Health & Social Care Organisation

The services we provide must be of the standard we would be prepared to accept for ourselves.

Our Values

Our values provide clarity for all of our people, including those considering a career with us, about the values that we expect and that you should seek to demonstrate each day whilst working with any of our clients/residents and partner organisations. 

These values and behaviours will send a clear message to our residents, clients, families, and carers about the care and support they should expect from us, and how this should be delivered.  These values and how we treat others are at the least as important as the care, treatment or support which we deliver to our clients and residents.  

Values shape everything we do every single day.  They are visible in all interactions we have with each other, our clients, residents, their families and our partners.  Behaviours provide a guide for how we can bring our values to life.  Behaviours define ‘how’ we are expected to deliver our services and underpin ‘what’ we do,  including our attitudes while we work. 

Teamwork & Partnership

We work to achieve the best outcomes for people who need our care and support.  We work with stakeholders, with common purpose, to seek to make a positive contribution to the care and support of our clients/residents.  We place great importance and value on personal responsibility and we believe that leadership is the responsibility of us all, no matter which role we perform. 

Quality & Best Practice

We commit to striving to be the best we can be in our work, aiming to improve and develop services to achieve positive changes.   We deliver safe, high quality, compassionate care and support and value people regardless of their circumstances.  

Openness & Honesty

We are open and honest with each other and act with integrity and candour.  

Kindness, Understanding & Respect

We are kind, caring, respectful and understanding towards those we care for and support, our colleagues and those we partner with.  We listen carefully to others to better understand and take positive action to help them ourselves.  

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