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Burleigh Hill House Highly Commended for Intergenerational Award

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Burleigh Hill House team attending the Agewell Awards

We are pleased to announce that Burleigh Hill House and Eden Primary School received high commendation for the Intergenerational Partnership Award at the recent Agewell Awards, hosted by the Mid & East Antrim Agewell Partnership.

The recognition was attributed to the Kindness Postbox Project, a collaboration facilitated by Wenda Gray, Volunteering Support Officer and MEA Loneliness Champion, alongside the team at Volunteer Now & Volunteer Now Enterprises.

The Kindness Postbox Project aimed to foster connections between residents of Burleigh Hill House and students from Eden Primary School through the exchange of handmade cards, photographs, artwork, and flowers.

The initiative has succeeded in bringing together individuals from different generations, facilitating meaningful interactions, and fostering a sense of community. Residents and pupils alike have benefited from sharing stories, laughter, and small gestures of kindness.

We extend our congratulations to all involved in the Kindness Postbox Project at Burleigh Hill House and Eden Primary School for their dedication to promoting intergenerational connections. May their example inspire others to recognise the value of such initiatives in building stronger, more inclusive communities.


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