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Duel Honours for Beverly Lodge Nursing Home

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Nicola Harvey (Deputy Manager), Kerris Jack (Acting Home Manager) & Lorelie Gule (Clinical Lead) Nursing Home of the Year award winners.

In recent times, Beverly Lodge Nursing Home has had the honour of celebrating two noteworthy local awards, underscoring the homes commitment to excellence.

The initial triumph occurred in November 2023 when the home secured the distinguished Nursing Home of the Year (work with dementia patients) award at the Healthcare and Keyworker Awards 2023. This prestigious event transpired at the esteemed Titanic building in Belfast, drawing the participation of the management team, including Acting Home Manager Kerris Jack, Deputy Manager Nicola Harvey, and Clinical Lead Lorelie Gule.

The acquisition of this accolade resonates profoundly, symbolising the collective dedication of the entire Beverly Lodge team to the home and, more significantly, to the residents under their care.


Kerris Jack (Acting Home Manager) WOW Women Who Make An Impact award winner.

Building upon this achievement, Acting Home Manager Kerris Jack earned further recognition by being declared the recipient of the WOW – Women who make an impact award at the Mighty Women NI Awards 2023. This second triumph unfolded at the Titanic Building in Belfast in December 2023.

Kerris’s recent elevation from Deputy Manager to Acting Home Manager is indicative of her adept management style and unwavering commitment to both her team and the residents of Beverly Lodge. Her seamless assimilation into this role is a testament to her leadership acumen and dedication.

The narrative of Beverly Lodge Nursing Home unfolds as a testament to triumph and devotion. The dual victories serve as tangible milestones, reflecting the home’s pursuit of excellence in the healthcare sector. As we reflect on these accomplishments, we recognise Kerris Jack not only as a capable leader but also as a source of inspiration for her team and the residents within Beverly Lodge.

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