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Optimum Care 2022 Client Survey Results

Optimum Care

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Optimum Care Client Survey

In June 2022 we invited our clients of Optimum Care to share their feedback on our services. 

In addition to the care services provided to our clients on a daily basis, each month our clients are contacted or visited by senior care staff to ensure the quality of services provided. 

Each year we carry out an Annual Client Satisfaction Survey to understand further our clients and the level of service being provided.  The objective of this survey is to obtain the views of our clients in addition to the ongoing service monitoring and to provide service users with an additional forum to raise concerns or complaints or make suggestions for improving services.

This survey was posted to our clients in June 2022 with a pre-paid return envelope to maximise the survey responses which clients are invited to submit a named or anonymous response.

Key stats:

  • A total of 1,397 surveys were issued with 596 returned completed. This is rate of 43% which remains on par with 2021 response rate of 44%.
  • The results showed that most of our clients are over the age of 81, with over half of the total respondents living by themselves.
  • 67% of responses require one carer, whereas 28% require two carers. (5% incomplete) 
  • 98.7% of responses were confident their carer(s) know what to do to help them
  • 99.3% of respondents believe their carers provide them with respect and dignity
  • 98% of response feel their carer(s) communicates well with them
  • Overall, 84.3% of respondents rated the service they received to be Very Good or Excellent.

Below is a selection of comments made by clients and their families:

“Excellent Care and delightful and very attentive staff, all in – superb”

“All my carers are kind and sympathetic and perform brilliantly. I would be lost without
their care.”

“I looked forward to them coming in, not only did they help me in the house, they
ensured I was safe and fed & watered. They light up my day, every one of them were a

“Excellent service, all that call are very helpful & polite.”

“We cannot single out any individual as all are extremely good, efficient and nice”

“I’ve got to know my regular carers and find them very helpful”

“I have found all staff to be very helpful”

“I could not name just one of my care team because they are all doing a brilliant job.”

“They have all been very good to me and I am thankful for the care received”

“The carers, coming to me, are very friendly, thoughtful, helpful and thorough in the
service which they give and I am very satisfied with the care which I receive.”

“Excellent care provided. Amazing care in a professional manner”

“They have all been very nice and respectful towards me”

“All carers are friendly and helpful, I could not do without them, thank you to all of

“I would like to compliment my carer who is always very chatty and brightens my day”

“I am very grateful for all the help I am so pleasantly given”

“The service provided by our regular team is excellent, they have an excellent rapport
with my wife who has got to know them well”

“We find all staff very capable.”

Well done to all our fantastic service staff to have achieved these great results by providing such a vital service within our local communities. 

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